When I was young my grandfather gave me very wise words of advice that have helped me throughout various phases of my adulthood; ‘If
you fail to plan, you plan to fail!’ Those words are so true when it comes to your health and wellness! Almost no one can simply “hope to be healthy” and end up achieving that goal. Healthy living is something that you plan, and then execute said plan, not just something you approach will nilly and hope to “happen”. Today we will discuss three things that you can do ton assist in your goal to live a healthy life!
1. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, don’t put it in your mouth! 
Not exactly sure what that 14 syllable word is on the back of the meal you are about to consume. DON’T consume it! Foods that are good for you are foods that are full of things that you can pronounce, and in most cases recognize! Take the time to scope the label of the food you purchase and if you can, try and stay on the outside of the store where the natural and fresh items are normally kept.
2. Schedule time each day to exercise, and then, don’t make excuses about why you can’t do it! If you have time to watch a TV show, you have time to exercise! 
Life is busy. Another good piece of advice I received when I was young was that “you make time for what is important to you!” This is so true when it comes to exercising! Find something that you enjoy doing that is active, and then schedule it in your day! If you haven’t found that yet, at least find something you don’t dread, and then try to do it with someone you like to be around or while listening to music.
3. Find a Chiropractic Doctor that you trust that addresses not just back pain, but your total wellness package. Your nutrition, your self care, and your complete health needs. 
Finding a Chiropractic Doctor that addresses your total wellness is vital in living a healthy lifestyle! Health issues are going to come up in your life. The big indicator of what happens from those health issues though often is a direct result of how you handle them! If you are in the Michiana area, consider giving us a call and let us earn your trust!
Bottom line, you aren’t going to “pin the tail on the healthy lifestyle”! It doesn’t happen by just hoping it will happen….you have to DO something about it!