It can be easy to forget long term repercussions and to focus simply on the short term in life. What you eat today may not affect you today. The exercise that you don’t partake in this week may not end up being a huge factor in your life next week. So whenever I hear “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” I always think about what will REALLY make your New Year Happy…In a few short words, what I have discovered, is that having long term health goals that you stick to, and are held accountable to, makes your New Year a happy one!

So as we approach Christmas and the New Year, take some time to engage in the following tasks:
1. Write down a health goal for 2019. Is it to lose 10 pounds? Exercise 3 times per week? Whatever it is, “thinking” it won’t ensure your success as much as writing it down will.
2. Find someone that can hold you accountable. It is MUCH easier to get away from your goals if no one knows that you made them! Don’t take that chance…find a health accountability partner this week!
3. Don’t put yourself in a position to fail. Driving in to McDonald’s to get a drink may end up with you having a burger as well. Putting off your exercise to finish a menial task may end up in you skipping it altogether. Make sure that you are planning to succeed, because the alternative is planning to fail!
Overarching all of these tasks though, is the importance of having chiropractic care be part of your goals. If all of the above healthy initiatives are undertaken, and you have a nervous system that has interference (subluxations), your body can’t heal and function the way it is supposed to.
So we at Kaurich Chiropractic wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year! We are certain that it will be much happier… because you will be able to enjoy it fully when you are your best version of you!