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Who is Dr. Zac Williams

When Dr. Williams was just 13 years old, he suffered a spinal injury after diving into water that was too shallow. He felt a “snap” upon hitting his head on the bottom of the lake and he immediately lost feeling in his body. After a couple of hours, feeling to his feet and hands returned.

His parents took him to see a local chiropractor, and after a successful treatment plan, Dr. Zac not only felt amazing, but he had fallen in love with Chiropractic care, and with all that it could do to change people’s lives!

An Education in Chiropractic Care

Dr. Williams attended the renowned Life University in Georgia where he set out to focus on Chiropractic Biophysics as his main technique—a unique form of treatment that focuses on structurally correcting the curves of the spine.

Better Health is Our Mission

Educating and inspiring for healthier lifestyles.



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