If you have ever dealt with back pain, then you know the immense pain, feeling of helplessness and overall distress it can cause! Whether you did something that caused the pain, or simply woke up one morning in agony, the end result is the same: PAIN! So what is the scoop on back pain? Can it be avoided altogether? Should it just be “expected” as we get older? We look into these questions in today’s blog entry! 

Pain: A Symptom & A Warning

When you feel pain anywhere in your body, it is a warning from your nervous symptom that something isn’t right! Believe it or not, pain is a GOOD thing in some circumstances as it helps us not do further damage to our body by continuing to do something that our body simply cannot handle.
Now that isn’t to say that some pain shouldn’t be tolerated, and even pushed through. For instance, when you start to life weights. Even if you are doing everything correct, you will experience some pain as you tear down your muscles so they can repair themselves and give you the muscle tone that you are wanting. It is always a good idea though to evaluate the pain that you are in and see ifs the activity that you are engaging in is right for you.

But…I LIKE This Activity

As we age it is important that we evaluate, and then reevaluate what we are participating in. The exercises that were great for us in our 20’s might need to be modified in some way when we enter our 50’s. Similarly, those exercises that people do in their 50’s might not be the right thing for a 20 year old when it comes to the results they are looking for. “Liking an activity” isn’t enough! You must be willing to change things up sometimes to continue to have your back be pain free!

Taking Care of Your Body Is An EVERY Day Thing!

It is important to note that paying attention to pain, and engaging in healthy, appropriate activity for your body isn’t just a “once in a while” activity. This is an everyday thing that you must be, and stay cognoscente of! It only takes one moment of not paying attention to do serious damage to your back!

In Conclusion

If this seems like a lot of info to sift through, that is because it is! Contact Kaurich Chiropractic and let us help you navigate these concepts so you and your spine can be healthy for decades to come!